1982 cj starter solenoid problem

1982 cj starter solenoid problem
lake stevens ,wa
!982 cj-7 258 at999 dana 300
I have been re-assembling my CJ7 from the groung up and have just about finshed the installation of my new painless wiring harness and can only start it by jumping across the solenoid posts. When I turn the key I will get 12v at the s terminal, and at the side the battery goes to, and the alternator and the + side of the coil and 6v into the distributor. Runs fine once I jump across the solenoid and I have replaced the solenoid twice thinking that was the problem after checking all my ground wires. At this point I am out of ideas the painless guys last said, that as long as the power is getting to the solenoid then the harness is doing its job. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Dan
What voltage do you have on the I terminal?
It should be 12 volts whenever the key is on.

What happens when you turn the key? Does the engine crank over but not start?
Thanks for the reply. I just checked the "I" terminal with the key on and get no voltage reading at all. I got under the dash to check the ignition wire conections and all looks good. What do I do with no 12v at the "I" terminal. Thanks Dan:D
The I terminal on the starter solenoid should get 12 volts from the ignition key switch when you turn the key to ON or start. From there that wire should go through the bulkhead connector on the firewall (pin i ). Then I see a resistor under the hood before going to the ignition module on the fender. It also goes to the coil and the starter solenoid.
X2 ..... you can check the i terminal if you hook up a 12v test light and hit turn the key and should see it light up if not the problems could be the neutral switch, ign switch or low volts to the i terminal on the solenoid ( bad wire )
Well thanks for all the help, I got it figured out and working now (from the key).:) I took 12v lead from the coil to the "I" terminal and the back up safty switch neutral to the ground post on the back side of the solenoid. The painless instructions have diagrams, wording and numbered wires that didn't add up to me for my application, so as I kept looking through different options and I used a little of one part and a little of other parts to get the right combonation. The first run through the instructions made it sound like I would't need the back up safty neutral wire hooked up to anything.:rolleyes:

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