258 dies under initial load

258 dies under initial load


77 CJ 7, 258 i6, 3 speed
My new to me 77 CJ7 258 I6 with 1bbl Carter carb is behaving badly first thing in the morning. It starts fine - I had the air cleaner off to watch the electric choke do it's thing. Idles great, I can goose the throttle and it will stay lit.

I back out of the driveway and roll down a short hill to an intersection where I have to turn left and head up a hill. Half way through the intersection, the motor conks out.

Restart is nearly impossible. Today, I took off the air cleaner and found the choke mostly open, not all the way, but 3/4 probably. It cranks great and stumbles when I let off the key.

Once I get it running, I can get up the hill by over powering it - 3000 rpm or more. The next mile or so is flat and it runs just fine. The engine is fully hot by the time I get to the next big hill and it goes just great.

My initial thoughts were a stuck or broken electric choke, but it appears to be doing ok. Now I am thinking fuel delivery (filter, pump, lines, sump screen) or sunk float.

What do yall think?
I think you just need to adjust your choke to either open earlier or later.
Today it was cruising along in third gear, coughed and died after about 1.5 miles of normal behavior. I got it restarted after a few minutes and went on my way normally albiet anxiously. I'll try a new fuel filter tonight.
I am thinking fuel delivery too,have you ever dropped the tank?? blow out the fuel line and see if you get an improvement. then drop the tank and clean/replace the screen.:cool:
Well, I installed a new fuel filter in the parking garage after work. I was concerned about dripping raw gas on the exhaust manifold. I MacGuiver'd a soda can from the trash to catch the drippings as I removed the old one. Worked great, it was a painless swap.

So far so good, this morning was a marked improvement over the last couple - no stalling, no chugging. Looks like a $7 filter solved the problem!

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