Hay welcome to the site.

On your question I think that they will. I would start a tread in the drivetrain section I know you will get your answer.

There is a lot of knowledgeable guy on here that can help you out.
They interchange, completely, the only difference is displacement, so you can put a 360 any place you find a 304.

As stated the AMC V8s are all interchangeable however the flywheels are not as these motors are externally balanced. What that means is each motor size (304, 360, 401) requires a different balance to the flywheel. Many of the 360 & all of the 401 were used with an automatic transmissions behind so you may have to track down the right flywheel; new ones however are readily available. The rest of the components, clutch system, motor mounts, distributor, etc. are all “plug & play” so to speak.

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