3pt belts in the back of a CJ8?

3pt belts in the back of a CJ8?


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I just ordered my rear seat for my Scrambler build which will be used by my daughter most of the time. With that being said I cannot have her in a lap belt only and need a 3pt belt or harness. I am using the factory rear roll bar but I am trying to figure out where the upper part of the seat belt could be attached. I weld and fab so I am not afraid to make something for a mount. I do have one idea and that is to install a cross bar behind the seat but I would make it removable because I have a fold and tumble seat for those days that I want it to be a truck bed.

Does anyone have an idea or a pic of a 3pt belt installed for the back seat?
anything ive ever seen on installing seatbelts properly says you want the shoulder belt, at shoulder height or a couple inches higher. if you look at any factory mounting location for seatbelts the shoulder belt is always setup like that. the only thing i can think of with the factory CJ8, would be to use a crossbar like you suggested. i know you don't want to anchor it to the floor, because in a wreck it would pull down, and possibly cause spine injuries. hope this helps a little.
Depending on the front to back location of the seat in relation to the rollbar, I would think that you would need to fab a crossbar that also is bent to move the horizontal section of the bar rearward. I hope that made sense. I would want it tied into the frame (and I assume your rollbar is) so the rollbar would be the place to tie the crossbar to. I have only seen three point belts added to the rear in conjuntion with a full cage. I know that I currently have just the lap belts. a) the rear seat has actually only been used twice since September and b) my kids are in their teens now and my duaghter is taller than my wife. Most of the time I just have one passenger and they ride up front where I have three point belts. Although they are not long enough, but that is another story.

Good luck on the fabrication. I would definitely want to do it "right" and by that, I mean safe.


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