4.2 heavy smoking

4.2 heavy smoking


Tavares, FL
1983 CJ-7, 4.2, T-5 & Dana 300, D30 and AMC 20
When I'm driving down the road with a gear engaged and a load on the engine, there is an ABSURD amount of oil smoke billowing from the motor. I believe it to be coming out of the rear most vent hole on the top of the valve cover. It smokes out of that vent when its idling, but nowhere near as much as when I'm goin down the road. Any ideas what this could be?
Do you have your crankcase vent hooked up? Is it working?
no, its not hooked up. Gonna hook that up today. but the amount of smoke that its putting out is definitelt not how it should be. after talking it over with my dad we came to the conclusion that I've got some bad rings. Gonna compression test when I get home to confirm
The AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l is notorious for excessive blow by. especially higher mileage motors. hooking up the crankcase vent that goes from the valve cover the the air cleaner should help, also when you connect this to the air cleaner you should also have a filter connected to the hose inside the air cleaner or you will have a bunch of oil shot inside of your air cleaner. Also check your pcv valve it should rattle if you shake it if it isn't bad.

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