4.2 water pump

4.2 water pump


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Need to replace my water pump and did some quick search of what was out there, reman for $20+- all the way up to $169 Hesco that they claim adds 6HP and 10-20% more cooling. 6 HP is lost running the stock pump, I don't buy that at all and my engine runs right at the T stat temp so why do I need 10-20% more cooling?
Well anyway I want a good unit so not to have to worry about it again and will shy away from the reman stuff but maybe it's all the same, any input?
I just had to replace my AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l 's water pump because of a bad bearing. The pump that failed was the cheapy 1 year warranteed pump that I bought for only $20 in 2010 when I was first building the Jeep. I replaced it with a lifetime guaranteed pump for $32 from Advance Auto. Just comparing them side by side, the $32 pump looks like much better quality. One of the first things that jumped out at me was the pully flange is machined instead of cast like on the cheap pump.

The good news is that it has a lifetime warrantee and it looks as if it'll also fit the 4.0 block that I'm using to build my stroker.
I bought a FlowKooler pump for mine. The engine is still out of the Jeep so I can't give you any review of it. I bought it strictly on claims and label reputation. Paid $85 from Qtec. Figured I could pay a little extra without breaking the bank, in the hopes that it would be worth it.

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