4 link

4 link

big green

big green 85 cj7 straight 6, 5 speed,
i have an 85 CJ7 i need to know everything about fabing and installing a trianguleted 4 link
Tough question without more info...

Can you throw us a bone? What are you trying to atrive? Specifics would be nice... :)
There's 1000 and 1 ways to fab up a triangulated 4-link, and almost no 2 end up the same.

The first step is a very good and working knowledge of geometry. Then it's researching what works and doesn't work on Jeeps as far as articulation, axle travel, stability, durability, coil/coilover spring rates and settups, etc...

...It's a can of worms.
you can buy suspension software that helps you correctly setup a triangulated suspension, specific to your jeep. an incorrect setup can cause all sorts of bad things, suspension to soft/hard, incorrect steering angles, screwed up center of gravity, binding, pinion angles can't be set, etc. im no engineer so i don't know the specifics of it all, but i know its better to have a proper functioning leaf spring setup, than a bad 4 link setup. do ALOT of research.
You need to do a lot of your own research. There are kits out there but they are not simple bolt on, weld on and away you go. Check out this kit:
Synergy Suspension :: www.synergysuspension.com :: New Products, Upcoming Products, and Press Releases » Blog Archive » Weld-On 3 Link & 4 Link Suspension Kits for Jeep YJ/TJ/CJ & 66-77 Ford Bronco
You can also check out Gen Right. They have 4 link kits. They say their kits are for "any Jeep TJ, YJ, CJ, Early Bronco or Toyota" Any suspension kit that is a one size fits all will leave all the engineering up to you. And designing a 4 link suspension is not as easy as putting on leaf springs. CheepJeep mentioned the software that will help you. I have seen that software. It's like an Excel spreadsheet. You put in your numbers and it will give you geometry numbers and draw out your suspension. I did a quick google search but didn't find the software. Here is the Gen Right link: Product Details

Blue Torch Fab also makes parts to help build a 3 or 4 link suspension.
Here is a link about putting a link suspension on a CJ
Warhammer Custom Build
No one will say a link suspension is not better than leaf springs but many may ask if it is worth it. Leaf springs are simple and durable. Fewer parts and linkages to break. If you are set on getting a link suspension research it all you can. You will also want metastability. Some of those link kits have a cam like adjustment. You don't want to weld things on and then find out it's not right.
well i have a 4" lift spring over. Im welding a truss on my 14 bolt corp and making tabs for the frame. I guess what i need to know is, do i mount the tabs on the frame in the same area, do all the link bars need to be the same length? I have never built a single triangulated 4 link before so i guess any and all info would help.

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