4L60E advice

4L60E advice


Phoenix, AZ
1986 CJ7
So according to my last posts, my 86' CJ7 had a SB 350 and a 700R4. Well that wasn’t enough so I picked up a 94' LT1 and a matching 4L60E. So after getting it all together, I was just driving around town when the transmission made a loud bang between 2nd and 3rd and I lost all forward gears but reverse still worked. Had it towed and pulling the transmission and taking it to have it looked at.

So my question is:
Stock 4L60E is rated for 275 hp and I'm putting out around 320 hp. What upgrades should I do while the transmission is apart to make it able to take the beating this bad a** motor is going to hand out?

Thanks for any input and I will post what broke as soon as I know.
IMHO the best up-grade would be go to a 4L80 :D
sorry I'm not up on up-grading the new stuff.:eek:
Thats ok, I know that the 4L60E can be built up to handle 500 hp but I'm not going to upgrade the motor anymore. Trust me, the 300+ hp I have now is more than enough!

I guess I'm looking to only upgrade what will help it handle the HP. I don't want to spend any extra money. I didn't look into upgrading to a 4L80E but I can bet it would be expensive.
There are quite a few "standard" upgrades for the 4L60E. So much in fact that it's hard to specify a list without knowing what you're going for. Simple google searches will turn up quite a bit.

You can swap out the planetary gear sets, add kevlar clutches and bands, a few servos and you'll have more than enough in that transmission to hold up to your engine. Most of what I call "level 1" upgrades don't actually cost any more than getting the factory replacement parts.
Thanks! That's good to know. So I'm looking to be able to handle 400 hp (320 hp) from the motor, and be able to take it if I get on it along with some lower gear off-roading. Not hard core crawling though.
Here's one example of a place that specializes in the 700R4/4L60: 4L60E Performance Transmissions from PATC

They have a bunch of good general information on parts. Some of it is sales fluff to get you to buy their parts but it's not a bad place to look at for basic info.
So, took out the transmission and WOW!:eek: Its a broken output shaft. Had it rebuilt because it had to be completely taken apart to replace the shaft. Changed out some parts to handle 500+hp. Good to go and all back together. Filling the fluid and taking it out for a spin today after work! Thanks for all the help. Everyone here has always been awesome! I'll post some new pics of the LT1.
Glad you could get it back together alright. Those upgrades should work just fine for you. :cool:
Thanks derf. It's so funny though, now that I have gone through all that to fix it, I drive like a grandma! I'm sure once I get use to driving it again I'll be back to my old smoky burnout self.

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