Build Thread 65-79 CJ5 Build

Build Thread 65-79 CJ5 Build


1999 Ford F250 7.3 Powerstroke, 65/79 cj5 304 Dana 27, Dana 44 UNDER THE KNIFE
Hello Gentleman/Ladies, I am new to the Jeep world and to Fabricating(I have minimal skill level) I acquired a 304, 3 Speed Trans, and Dana 20 as well as a '79 CJ5 Chassis. I went with the chassis because it is fully boxed all the way to the rear. I have heard that it is hard to mate the tub and chassis but I will get into that later. I would like to stick with the Dana 27 up front with some conversions and the Dana 44 in the rear. I hope you guys enjoy the Build as much as I have enjoyed working on it the past few month. These are all pictures of when I first bought the Jeep.

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