Build Thread 73jeep's CJ 5 rebuild

Build Thread 73jeep's CJ 5 rebuild


Whitefield, NH
73 CJ5 TBI 258 t14 d20 - Rebuild in process

08 Duramax Crewcab 4x4
Well a few months ago I finally started the much needed rebuild for the CJ. I have been putting this project off for a while, but now I'm out of school, have a good job and a house the fun can begin!!!!!

Current plans
-fix frame rust ( now building a new one)
- new seats
- new wiring
- go back to a carb ( I have a flooding problem with the tbi that I can't figure out. Plus I'm looking to simplify things a bit.)

Some pics of the teardown...


Front clip pulled off.


Getting ready to pull the tub!


Frame and running gear


Pulling the tub revealed that the frame rust is pretty bad...


Boxing by the motor mounts are paper thin!!!


Tweaked shock mounts... it appears that shocks are two short. Sounds like a call to pro comp is in order..

At this point I think I would have more time and money to fix this one than to fab a new one out of 4x2x.125 wall tubing.


I spent a few hours measuring the frame an came up this this layout which is very close the ones JP mag printed a few months back.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions!
Defenately need a good frame in any rig. Smart start!
A lot of guys are fabing their frames up now. I have heard of some DMV code issues in certain areas of the country! Just throwing that out to people who may be doing this type of frame!
I had a 74 myself! I really like the intermediates!
I like carbs. I know fuel injection is nice, but you can usually fix a carb enough to get you home!
In my opinion the best jeep carb is a MC2100 and a Quadrajet!
Any thoughts on what you want the finishe dproduct will be?
Nice project!
I already checked the inspection rules, it just needs to be made of the same material as the original and not effect original suspension geometry. I am also using a section of the original frame ( the portion with serial number stamped) so this qualifying as a "repair".

I do plan on using a mc2150/mc2100 I used to run one on this CJ the fuel injection is nice but I have more issues with it than anything else.
I would like to know more about your injection issues. Flooding is usually caused by a bad coolant temp sensor or fuel pressure regulator.
I wouldn't listen to northwestcjer his head is backwards I know this for fact because I wheel him all the time. :D
Looks like a ton of fun!
I would like to know more about your injection issues. Flooding is usually caused by a bad coolant temp sensor or fuel pressure regulator.
I wouldn't listen to northwestcjer his head is backwards I know this for fact because I wheel him all the time. :D

It's not either one of those, on startup and shutdown the injectors hold open and flood the motor. That along with other issues inherent with tbi on a strait 6 makes me want to switch back to a carb.
Just curriouse? is it a name brand system? (don't need to give a name)
I have been hearing a few issues with a popular EFI system!

I live the MC2100 1.08 ventury! I run it on a 258 and have no issues. I ran it on a 74' 304 also.

My opinion. to go EFI, I think to go EFI, I would get rid of the AMC engine and do a donor 4.3 V6 complete from a running rig.
It's a home built system. Based off the 4.3 tbi. If I was going to do efi again I would swap in an efi engine and not retrofit...

Right now I'm looking for something a bit more reliable.... This current system has left me stranded many times.

Being in the middle of the woods I would like something I can fix with a screwdriver not a laptop.
I ordered the steel yesterday. 48 ft of 4x2x.125 rectangular a36 tubing.

I'm still trying to decide of I want to cap the ends of the tubing, attempting to get them air tight or leave them open to have accesses to wash any debris out. What is the forums thoughts on this, keeping in mind I live in northern new Hampshire and road salt is a way of life here..
Cap the ends!
If the other end was open so you could wash all the way threw, I would say leave them open!
Looks cleaner, also!

My opinion!
More progress!

I spent the weekend cutting and welding the pieces of my frame together.

The frame is upside down in this pic.

Front and rear bumper ends. it's a 45 with the last inch and a half taken off.


Obligatory weld shot. Using a Lincoln 225 ac arc welder with 6013 rods.

How the overlap is done and ends caped.


Another pic of the crossmember.
I should be placing an order tomorrow for new spring and shackle hangers tomorrow. I was hoping to reuse the originals but they were too rusted.

Any comments or advice is appreciated!

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