74 cj5 4 or 5 speed

74 cj5 4 or 5 speed


1974 cj5 currently in process of body off restoration and installing fiberglass tub
I have a 74 CJ5 with a 258 and a three speed manual. Is there a transmission either 4 or five speed that would bolt up and that my transfer case would work with?
I don't think so directly, but with a little coaxing with an Advance Adapter, you could make it work, check their website. The 5 speeds problem is due to it length, and I don't think it would be practical, but I have seen a GM 700r4 in a CJ5.
I would think a T18 4 speed from a CJ5 (if you can find one) should bolt up to the engine and transfer case without too many issues.

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