78 CJ5 Heater

78 CJ5 Heater


West Michigan
1946 CJ2A, 1978 CJ5
I've read through thread after thread trying to figure this one out and I'm still stumped!

My heater shut off at the end of last fall during an off-road trip and I decided to spiff my dash up since I was going to be trying to figure out why it shut off after a few good bumps. But here is my issue:

Here's what I've done:

1. Blower motor is the chevy upgrade.

2. Blower motor runs if quick tested direct from the battery. So I'm sure my ground is good as it's grounded through the heater assembly and still worked?

3. Fuse is good, replaced just in case.

4. Changed out the resistor just in case.

5. Can't get a hot test from the lead into the on/off dash switch. Quick checked all the wires from the fuse to plug but all are wrapped with no wear in the covers.

Could it be just a matter of replacing the switch? Am I missing something else? It seems like I should get a live read from my test light at the switch but before I order a new one I'd like to know why I'm not.

Thanks in advance!!!:confused::confused::confused:
What I had to do was run a ground wire off of the heater mounting screws directly to the batt ground...works great.
Ok, problem(s) found and corrected.

Hope this helps for anyone else that runs across this.

1. Ripped all the electrical tape from where the blower wires disappeared toward the fuse panel about 20 inches. Luckily I spotted it before I went any further. There was a small contact run on that tan wire the wore through about halfway. So spliced, soldered, taped the new connection and tested again. Nothing.

2. Disconnected the fuse panel from the firewall and pulled the fuse clip out to inspect the wiring. This was the BIG problem. The fuse was testing hot but on the backside of the panel the wire connection was nearly gone. Corrosion, past burn marks, and time had worn the connection to grey oxides. A new clip and electrical grease all around and the blower fired up on the first try.

Great way to end the weekend!

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