79 hard door ?

79 hard door ?


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1979 CJ-7, Newly rebuilt AMC 360!, fully rebuilt GM TH400, Quadra-trac TC w/Milemarker 2x4 conversion, AMC mod 20 rear w/1 piece Moser axleshafts, mod 30 front w/tie rod flip and castor correction shims, 4 in lift, Centech complete wiring harness, dual electric fans on 3 core aluminum radiator, tilt steering wheel, 20 gal poly gas tank, new J20 steering box, MSD 6A ignition combined with TeamRush distributor mods
Hey everyone...

MANY years ago, around 1997, I started disassembling my 79 CJ7 .. It took me 2 years to get it finished and running. I even got divorced in the process !! Kept the Jeep though!!

Back then I totally disassembled the hard doors. I still have all the parts in boxes, including new gaskets that are still in their original packaging.

However, has anyone had an issue of trying to get the stationary window to "fit" back in the door frame. The window is still attached to the LONG chrome bar that separates it from the moveable window.... I just cant seem to get it back in place to start assembling them...

Over the years, I have dug out the box and tried monkeying with them, just to get frustrated and put it all away again. I'm tired of having my "freshly painted" (in 1999) doors covered with a blanket in the garage, JUST SITTING ... unfinished.

Funny sidenote... To get insurance, the company REQUIRED me to send photos of my Jeep with hard doors installed... I uncovered them, put them on the body (with no door handles or glass) and bungeed them together so they wouldnt open.... just to take the few pics... Of course, I took them off again.

Any help at all.???
Its time to get the box of parts out again, and actually finish this project...

Are you trying to put them in with the doorglass in the door?
Are you trying to put them in with the doorglass in the door?

But I'm having to force the stationary window into the rubber channel...Havent forced it enough yet to get it in...

I've lived by "when in doubt - force it" ... to a degree!!! I feel like I need to pound the window into the rubber seal, and that cant be right! haha
Are you trying to put the "vent" assembley together with new seal? I thought you were trying to put it in the door. And even tho it does't vent anything that is what it is called.

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