79 Mechanical Clutch linkage

79 Mechanical Clutch linkage


Columbia Gorge, Pacific Northwest
1979 CJ5, 258 L6, T-150, Dana 20, Dana 30, AMC 20, 3.54 gears
New to posting on the forums but first off yes, I have done some searching. Second if you know of a prior post that I missed but could answer, paste it please. -- My intro was posted today about my jeep build, check it out!

79 CJ5 mechanical clutch linkage.
I have disassembled, then did a bit of welding and grinding to tighten up the slop. (originally almost 5" before engagement!) The holes were oval'd out and the links were almost cut through from wear. I understand I need about an inch of PEDAL travel.

My question is would anybody know (roughly) how much free play the fork (out of the trans) needs to have? I currently have it adjusted with about maybe an 1"-1 1/2" of fork play which now after the welding and grinding equals about 1 1/2" to 2" of pedal play.

I would like to have enough play to not burn out the bearing but tight enough not always press it to the floor ever time I want to change gears. I am also a believer in mechanical linkages over hydraulic due to constantly replacing and blowing master and slave masters in my old diesel.

Thanks for your time.
The clutch pedal is supposed to have about 1"-1 1/4". To take off the pressure to the throwout bearing and clutch. Oem replacement and aftermarket clutch linkage parts are easily available.
Thank you torxhead but I'm asking if anyone knows how much fork play is needed. Pedal play at this point is irrelevant. Clutch works fine, but just trying to get a tad better adjustment.
The free play is measured at the pedal not the fork in the trans. So if you have 1 to 1 1/2 free play at the top you are good.

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