79 Rear Tire Mount

79 Rear Tire Mount


South Dakota
79 CJ5, 304, T150, Dana 20, Corp 20, Superior one piece axles
2012 JK Rubicon 2 door
on to the next project!!! my CJ5 does not have a opening rear tail gate.
the PO used the original rack to hold a 33" tire on and, well you guessed it,
the rear has cracked and needs some TLC. the original tire supports were
welded very poorly and have vibrated loose. seems that i could "chip" them
off and start from scratch..
you guys always have amazing and wonderful ideas, lets talk

I have the same year without a tailgate. Although I only have 31" tires, I modified an Olympic Heavy Duty spare tire carrier. I drilled new holes, added a 1" square tube spacer, bent it to fit existing body holes using a rosebud torch) and reinforced the inside with some flat bar to distribute the pressure. It was about $100.

Olympic 4x4 Products 708-404 - Olympic 4X4 Products Xtreme Duty Tire Carrier in Rubicon Black for 76-06 Jeep® CJ-5, CJ-7, Wrangler YJ, TJ, Unlimited & Cherokee XJ - Quadratec
Olympic 4x4 Products 707-401 - Olympic 4X4 Products Heavy Duty Tire Carrier for 76-06 Jeep® CJ-5, CJ-7, Wrangler YJ, TJ, Unlimited & Cherokee XJ - Quadratec
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If I had the cash, I'd go with a bumper mount.
X2 on the swing away bumper mount, only way to go:chug:

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