Build Thread 81 CJ5 rebuild in progress

Build Thread 81 CJ5 rebuild in progress


La Crosse, WI
1981 CJ5, 151 iron duke, SR4 trans with Dana 300.
1981 CJ5, 258, ? trans, dana 300
2007 Wrangler Unlimited, OME lift, 35s, 5.13
Here we go.
Did the all the work at my parents house in IL where the CJ has been mostly garage kept since about 1987. I drove the CJ in high school as my first car, so it has been in the family for a long time. The motor (GM 151)was rebuilt by my dad and I back in 1995. The frame has 55K original miles total.
Day 1, 0700 start time. :D
Started with the new carb install. The old OEM Rochester Verajet has seen some better days, and the electronic choke was shot. Went with a new Weber K 490 replacement and a new inline fuel filter.
The CJ started right up and ran / idles awesome. Probably better than ever...there was a problem with the throttle cable linkage, due to the new linkage pulling at an odd shown below. Weber is working on a fix, but we will prob fab a new bracket.
Next, the new Super Swamper LTB bias tires went on some new Crager 8's. Went with 31x11.5x15 to maintain horsepower, and help with overall handling since no power steering or brakes. The Walmat mounted and balanced all 4 tires for $22.00 TOTAL. Walmart is the devil :twisted: :twisted:
Next went removal of the rusted out floor boards and pass side panels. All had seen better days. Thanks to my Dad's Plasma cutter from work, all went well and quick :D
The next step was the install of the new Rusty's 2.5" suspension lift. The Rusty's on my KJ is doing good, so I figured why not. It was a good value and the leafs are millitary wrapped as well. The old springs were shot, and ended up with a total of about 4" total lift.
To end up the day we started removing the old front suspension.
End time 1900 hours. Long day, but got a lot done :D
Great post and looks like a very full days work!

That sure is one clean work area too!

Congrats on a great start! :)
looking good. when i put a lift on my 79 CJ5 i am going to get the rustys 4" lift.
Thanks for the compliments :chug:
I am pretty sure we are going to have to lower the transfer case and/or shim the rear axle. The R drive shaft is at a pretty steep angle so far.

Day 2. 0730 start time.
Finished up front lift install. Went well, and again ended up with about 4" total lift. The front disconnects were about 3" too short for the sway bar, and will have to order new ones. The new brake lines were long enough.
Next did the side body panel install. Welded the new panels in and sealed all new gaps and over-laps with polyurethain cauk. Welds then sanded down and painted with primer for now..
That pretty much summed up day 2. Ended about 1700.
nice job. keep up the good work
Great pics keep them comeing!!! Inspires me to get to work on my pile !!!
Yeah fight the good fight. Im getting in the ring with my rust bucket this weekend. Looks good. My progress will probably be a little slower though. :eek:
Great pics keep them comeing!!! Inspires me to get to work on my pile !!!
The progress is so fast because I need to use vacation time from work and drive back to Chicago to get it driveable !!

If it was at my house here in WI it would take years I am sure :)

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