83 cj7 4.2l I-6

83 cj7 4.2l I-6


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It looks to me like you got a Mopar Fuel Injection on a 4.2 258 Jeep engine or a 4.0 head with fuel injection on a 258 block or a complete 4.0 engine.Someone else might be able to pin point it more accurately.Never heard of Chevy heads on a 258 block
so would they normally keep a 4.2 valve cover on the 4.0 heads? Just seems a little odd. Unfortunately, the guy who built it can't be contacted.
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To me, it honestly looks like whoever the builder was put a fuel injected 4.0L intake manifold, along with all of the associated fuel injection parts, on to a 4.2L head. The only reason I say this, is because that the bolt holes for the valve cover line up perfectly, the 4.0L & 4.2L valve cover aren't shaped the same;



I've been wrong before, but that's what it looks like to me.

As for the Chevy parts, I have never heard of using a Chevy head or valves on the AMC long block. I don't think that it's even possible.
Good question but i think their interchangeable.
Yes I think they are interchangeable. As a matter of fact even the head is interchangeable. Some say you can get an additional 40 horses by putting a 4.0 cylinder head on a 4.2.
I posted so close to elwood blues I didn't see his response. Maybe the PO used a 258 and did the 4.0 head swap.
camelkicker, do you have any more pictures of your engine? Maybe help seeing it from a different angle or two will help figure out what's going on? :chug:
I have the same kit... Its the mopar injection kit. same specs for 94 or 95 wrangler. hope this helps
Got the same kit. It is the conversion kit
I have been checking it out it looks to be the 4.2 with just the 4.o injection kit on it. I finally got it to stop dying on me. Apparently no one had just the integrity of the fuel system a few hoses here and there new plug cleaned out the distributor and it runs like new. Thanks for all the help!
Well, it cost some money and took some time but the jeep is running great. Thanks everyone for helping me identify the mods and various parts on this jeep. I wound up doing a basic tune up distributor cap rotor, plug wires, spark plugs, new pcv, egv, and valve cover gasket and the jeep acts like a brand new vehicle. So, once again thanks for all the help and I will be handing this account over to the owner Julie she is a real jeep enthusiast.
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Either way it's a 4.2L valve cover (you can see it in the pic)...actually it looks like the one that 4wd sells...I had the exact same one on my 83 CJ7, but it was the blue one.

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