83 cj7 combo soft top with hard doors??

83 cj7 combo soft top with hard doors??


manteo nc
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Any tricks out there for doing a combo soft top and hard doors. Doors have paddles and latch. Soft top hardware is generally in place.

The door strike mounted to the inner vertical windshield frame right and left are an attachment point for the forward soft top hardware. These door strikes will not allow the hard door to close. I am sure that there are more incapatabilities I am unaware of.

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258ci Inline 6 with header , 5 spd transmission with Centerforce Clutch, 33X12.5 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws on steel rims, 3 inch body lift, 2 inch shackle lift, wide track axles, Dana 44 rear with Detroit locker, Dana 30 Front with Super Winch hubs, 3:73 gears
Just loosen all of the mounting bolts on the hinge (door side) upper and lower.

Put the door on and close it so that the striker is properly holding the door then just tighten the bolts on the hinges and that will get you close and you may have to do some minor adjustment up/down, etc.

I have done it many times but watch out as they are Torx and can strip very easily so take your time.

Hope that helps!

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