86 CJ7 Losing power

86 CJ7 Losing power


farmington ct
86' Jeep CJ-7
Ok here I go; I've just about replaced everything in an attempt to chase down this Gremlin that causes a power loss.

1) Carburetor, actually 2 of them
2) Ignition coil
3) Gas Tank and sending unit
4) Fuel lines
5) Fuel Filter
6) Fuel Pump
7) Spark Plugs, wires ,rotor, distributor
8) egr valve
10) temp gauge sending unit, back of block
11) Compression tests were all good.
12) Timing is dead on.
13) Oh yeah I replaced control module also.

I'm sure I forgot something but basically what happens is that after running for a little while maybe 15 minutes, I suffer a power loss under any kind of load. One very obvious symptom that the Jeep suffers from is if you floor the accelerator the jeep will stall. This happens whether it's cold or warm. I still haven't ruled out a bad carburetor but I figure since I've installed two of them already the chances are slim.

Also vacuum lines are a mess, not sure vacuum advance is even working properly.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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Sounds like your cat.
304 V8 or 258 L6? OEM carbs or something else?
I'm almost positive this is the correct vacuum diagram for an '86. It really does sound like you have a bad vacuum leak somewhere.


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