A Big Thank You!

A Big Thank You!


Rockwall Tx
1984 CJ-8, I6 258, T5 tranny, Dana 30 front end, AMC 20 rear, Dana 300 transfer case
Just wanted to thank all of you that peruse this forum and give advice to all of us novices. Thanks to your inputs, I did the Team Rush upgrade and the Nutter Bypass. I now have a totally different CJ8. It starts on the first crank, idles smoothly, and has terrific power. I hope I didn't jinx it.
Thanks again,
Glad you are getting valuable information/advice from this site :)
When I first got my CJ, there really was no help online for someone tearing into a Jeep...even Pirate 4x4 wasn't around yet.

Todays access to information online is extremely cool...and this site is one of the best for CJ technical information and fast, friendly help. :chug:
I agree completely! I'm glad this site exists, and everyone has been very helpful and supportive throughout my current build! Thanks EVERYONE!!:chug:

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