A few questions about ignition upgrade on 304

A few questions about ignition upgrade on 304


E. Tenn
1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
I have read all the post about the TR upgrade on the stock ignition and read all the bad stories about buying the cheaper HEI units and chewing up the gears. I would like to go with one wire hookup as I can cut down on troubleshooting later on if problems occur. My AMC 304 has just been built and a new cam gear was installed.

Just a note: I have a AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l now and did the nutter bypass and larger base,cap,rotor,plug wires and the ford coil.

1. Can I take my stock AMC 304 dizzy and just add the base,cap,rotor and 7mm plug wires and use the square coil from my AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l upgrade and be done with a .045 plug gap?

2. Can I buy a HEI AMC HEI Distributor for JEEP V8 | eBay
and go to auto parts store and order stock dizzy gear, gap plugs and replace and be done?

Just any final feedback before I do the setup.

For the AMC 304 , a TFI upgrade is cheap and easy. Everything I did on the 360 in my truck can be done the same way for a AMC 304 using the same parts (assuming you have the Motorcraft ignition to begin with): TFI Ignition Upgrade

I wouldn't necessarily go with a cheap HEI unit if I went that route. I would spend some money on a good quality unit. And then I'd be sure to match the cam and distributor gears. If you don't match the gears, you'll end up chewing one or both of them up and you'll have to replace them anyway. Either take the distributor gear from the original distributor that came with the engine and put it on the HEI or go to the trouble of buying and installing a quality matched set of gears from Bulltear: Bulltear-Online

They sell an HEI for the AMC there too: Bulltear-Online

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