Build Thread "A lull in the action"

Build Thread "A lull in the action"


Burnet, Texas
1973 CJ-6, 2000 F-350 dually.
As many of you know, I have been renovating my 73 CJ6 since September. I'm just about at the point where I can consider the frame and associated parts done. Two thing still exist to be done with that part, and they are: exhaust and brake hoses. If I would have done better at ordering parts before I needed them, I probably would be further along. I would wait until I got to that chore and then run in the house and try to find the parts needed and then wait for them to arrive, bad scheduling to say the least. Oh well, I'm retired and have no time certain time to complete except for just getting older.

Two items keep hiding from me. I would like rubber brake hoses for the front. The need to be about 20" to accomodate the lift. I can not find anyone that has them. I searched all the forums and emailed seems like all the dealers that carry that type of stuff. I had one company send what I thought were extended lines only to find out when they arrived they were just extensions. 15" extension on top of that. So my brake hoses would be 31" long,.......So anyway if anyone knows of a company that will make the hoses from scratch please let me know. I can give them all the specifications they will need. I heard that a Chevrolet p/u line might work and spent two hours at NAPA looking thru their books and came up with nothing.

Secondly, and I've already searched all the forums, I can't locate the floor replacements panels. I was told my CJ6 floors are just like a CJ5 . When I search for replacments I can find the pieces under the seats but not the toe kick ones. I have searched the web and cannot locate any for my year. Any ideas? And I don't wish to spend $600.00 for a complete front floor section. It would be nice though. If anyone finds some, be gentle with me, at my age and mental condition, the ridicule might send me over the edge and cause excessive drinking. Thanks
If you absolutely can't find the hoses that you want you may want to call Hosefast up here in Garland. You will have to send the old hoses to them so they can reuse the fittings and they will send them back to you. I have used them a couple of times over the years and the price is reasonable, especially if it is the only game in town. The turn around is usually one to two days.
As I said, if there is no other way, you may want to consider it. Just google hosefast and there will be a phone number.:cool:
when I bought my CJ, I found that the front lines were nearly completely wore thru near the ball joint nut (boy was I lucky I made it home that day!) and with any flex on the front, they were stretched out to nearly guitar string tight.
I looked as you did, but ended up going to my then-local hydraulics shop (they do industrial and forestry lines mostly there) and he hooked me up for about $60. He extended the lines about 8 inches, used all new parts (the Stainless Steel braided and sheathed hose with abrasion guard is rated to 30K pressure, IIRC) and it took about 2 hours in between his other work.
Might be an option for you to look for a local hydraulics shop to help you out. My local NAPA and O'Reilly's both do hoses, also.

As far as the sheet metal for the floor I dug around a little more and came up with this thread. Look at posts #6 and #7. You'll need to get the phone number of the place and order that way from the way it sounds. Try and nail down the turn around time right away also , from reading that thread.

Cj5 replacement body panels - Early > Forums
Not to get off subject, but I am digg'en your garage floor. I'm in the planning stages of doing something to my garage floor, so it caught my eye.
Sorry it took so long to reply back, but my computer leaves alot to be desired...apparently there was a cloud somewhere in Texas which caused my dish to be particular on what it would allow.........

Thanks for all the interest. I decided now to order the panels under the seat and make the ones for the toe kick area. I only need about 8" up there to fix the rust. Shouldn't be a problem finding the metal and fitting it in (as soon as I buy a mig).

The brake hoses will have to be SS. Its the only way to get extended without much grief. I'm sure I can get the banjo bolts on line for them. I just liked rubber lines more the SS. My opinion only.

My floor in the shop was ordered from a company in Canada and alot cheaper than "RACEDECK". I love it. You can do anything to it and doesn't hurt it at all. I've got a 30X40 building and did half of it. I don't remember off hand the cost but if anyone wants the price I'll look it up. This was about three years ago so I imagine it went up some. I'll post some better pics.

Thanks again for all the replies, Rick
If you can find the company name that would be great. I am redoing my floor this winter and would love to get those.
If you can find the company name that would be great. I am redoing my floor this winter and would love to get those.

Refer back to post#3 of this thread.;)
Um. I meant the floor material. I should have quoted.

Took me awhile but the company name is Acclaim Design and Profiles, Inc. Their website is I think they are out of Ottawa. About a year ago a friend wanted to do the same thing on his floors. He checked around on-line and actually found it cheaper than I did. Don't know who he went with but be sure to check around. Ebay had alot of this type of stuff on it when I bought mine and in fact, thats where I found it. Good luck
Awesome. Thanks for getting the info.

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