? about differentials

? about differentials


79 cj7
I was given a 3/4 ton chevy frame and diffs. I believe the truck is an early 80s model, I also believe that it has a dana 60 rear and a Dana 44 front. The rear is a 14 bolt and the front has the ball joints, my question is, Is there a market for these style diffs and if so what are they worth? Thanks.
That rear is a Corporate 14 bolt rear, which is a GM manufactured diff. It isn't a Dana 60. They are a very common diff found in all 3/4-1 ton chevy trucks from the early 70's to the late 90's.

The front should have a market for it granted it's actually a Dana 44 and not a Corporate 10 bolt, that chevy switched to in the 80's as there front diff of choice.

I have a narrowed 14 bolt in the back of my CJ, and a narrowed 8-lug Dana 44 in the front. They are tough rears that are hard to break even with v-8 power and big tires.

Most people don't use them in Jeeps since they are fricking huge and don't offer much ground clearance.

I've seen the 14 bolts in complete form go for around $350 if they have 4:10 gears or better. I've seen the 8-lug Dana 44's also in complete form go for around $850. Good luck with the sale man.
around here you might get $500 for them both IF the gearing is right. If the front is a corp 10 bolt and not a Dana 44 you might get 350 for the pair.

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