Air Filter Adjustment?

Air Filter Adjustment?


Baton Rouge, LA
78 CJ7, Amc 304 V8 - AMC 20, DANA 30, Quadratra Trac TH400, 35" Mickey Thompsons MTZPainted LSU Yellow/Gold. Modified with 4bl Edelbrock Carb.
I recently put a manual choke on the CJ. After finishing and putting everything back together, I realized that the air filter housing sits on top of the new chooke and prevents it from moving.
I think I can fix it with some PVC and raise the filter housing up to make clearance. Any other solutions from someone who has had the same problem? Maybe something that will work better?
My CJ had a manual choke as well, (which I love) I don't know much about it. The PO installed it. I know mine does not have the stock carb anymore, it's a Master Craft 2100. I'll take a picture of my choke and carb and post it up here in a bit if you think that'll help.
Okay, here is the way mine is set up. You can see that all the stock airfilter pan and the air intake hose and all that is gone. Maybe that's why, to make room for the manual choke? I don't know. Hope this helps.


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