All Nighter? Weirdest working Hours?

All Nighter? Weirdest working Hours?


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Whew!!! What have you ever done to 'get the job done'?

Been working on some experimental AL fan blades with TI inserts for a Pratt Whitney engine for a little while now... Due to 'circumstances', we are very close to holding up an engine test and last night was crunch time!

Went in yesterday (Tuesday) at five AM, just got home (Wednesday Ten AM)! :) Well, I did take a hour or two off last night to take a shower, a short nap and go back to 'getting the job done'... :) And - NO - Last night sucked! Machine problem after machine problem... :(

I'm going to sleep soon... :)

So, What have you ever done to 'get the job done'?
I cannot answer the question because I have to keep all of my posts clean or you will boot me out...

So... No comment.
As a toolmaker for the aircraft industry I feel your pain. I have had to pull a couple allniters myself. And machine problems, don't get me started, they seem to know when you're in a bind.

Hey susie we wouldn't let CJ kick you out.:chug:
Five PM and back at it! I'll do about six and get another few hours sleep... :)

Old Dog - you are correct! The machines know when your behind and secretly do what ever they can to impede your progress!

All night long I had nothing but trouble with the A axis rotary table on our 5 axis machine - today maint worked on it (couldn't find anything wrong) and it has run all day! Now - I bet it craps out on me again! :(
When I worked for a company called PICO, was part of a group called the "Buck Rats".

We would go into an automotive assembly plant about 2AM Saturday morning and change out the support columns on a welding station (called a buck). Had to have it done and running by Sunday morning prior to 6 AM. Would fly into town on Friday after working a regular 8 hour day. Usually walked into the plant at 2 AM Sat and walked out around 5AM on Sunday morning, hard manual labor inbetween. Then back on a plane for the flight home no later than noon.
In 83 when I was in the Airforce we had a wildfire on Vandenburg AFB. It burned for 14 days. I worked dozer maint and we were on 36 hour rotation. When the fire started there were only 3 of us dozer mechanics, they brought in 3 more to start the rotation.
When they stopped a dozer we had to do a full service on it, air filters, fuel filters, hyd filters, oil and filters. That meant my crew had to be close to the staging areas and it was HOT!
I was thankfull it was not me on the dozers! Those guys got in the fire sometimes.:notworthy:
Well, I've never pulled all nighter, but I consistantly work 10-12 hour day not including lunch, and have an hour commute each way, but I love my job so even though I'm tired at the end of the day I'm excited about work when I get up. I tend to let loose on Friday night and the weekend though. It does leave less time to enjoy my CJ but when I do it's a real treat.
One company that I worked for did alot of marine/offshore business. Oh, sorry, it was an a/c heating company.

One day I got on a helicopter and flew South into the Gulf of Mexico for an hour and we landed on a production platform. The complaint was that the freezer was not working properly and they had just gotten a months supply of meat !

I worked on it for a few hours and felt confident that it would be okay and informed the steward that it should be okay by the next morning. His reply was, it cost me 500.00 to fly you out here and if I let you go in and in the morning it is still not working I'm ****** !

Okay, I spent the nite out there and the next morning everything in the freezer was hard as a rock so the steward called the helicopter and was informed that he could not come by until four that afternoon, I had a great day watching the fish swim by, as I could see down about 50 foot and the legs of the platform was like a playground for all kinds of fish .......

It's a tough job sometimes, but, someone has to do it ! ! !

I worked on an emergency responce crew for the power company in NC. Usually storm breaks (flippin torndaos) We had 6 100' towers hit the ground once on a mountain, and worked 36 hours straight cutting the old ones off the base and bolting new sections in from a chopper air lift. When we got them all hot again, they gave us cold food and a tent to get 8 hours in at a base camp, then another 30 hours cutting the old sections up and dragging them to a clearing with a wood tiger to be lifted out. I really hated that job.
I just get 12 hr days sometimes. Right now Im on a 3 am to 3 pm shift for a few weeks. Extra cash means even in the crappy economy we'll get a vacation the end of Aug. :cool:
When I work I am up at 4 so I can be to work by 5:30 work twelve hours then come home at 6. Every other week I switch from days to nights and nights are the same hours only pm to am. Swappin back and forth tends to mess up the internal clock. I'd rather work straight night shifts.
Odd for me is "normal" for most lol I work 1830 to 0700 lol
Gettin' the job done. In 2007 the water plant that I work at blew up ( long story)! I was there for three days straight with no sleep, only ran home a couple of times to shower and change clothes. Once fire department let us back in we had the plant scabbed together with bubble gum and bailing wire and ran it like that for 5 months before it could be shut down and rebuilt. Really sucked! Had water running through plant in four days.
I've done many many all nighters, mostly just because I was the only one there to do the job.
Lots of times driving OTR. Drive all night, off-load in the AM, drive, re-load in the PM, then another all nighter to get that one delivered on time...
Working warehouse/delivery driver with my bride as the warehouse manager/boss..Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas, Heck every major holiday we would bring in tropical plants by the multiple truckload. Offload, sort, reload on other trucks, and deliver up to 500 miles away every day...Easter lilies were the worst...
Just recently I bought the Texoma Jeeps business. I moved the business 150 miles in 5 days roughly, by myself. Did a total of 12 trailers loaded and offloaded by myself, then called in a favor or two and rented a couple guys and a 26' Uhaul. We did 3 more trailers with the Uhaul and 2 trucks.
Grand total for the week? 2500+ miles on my SUV, 150 on the Uhaul and 15 trailer loads towed. None of them light or easy to load.
Oh yea, I currently live 2 hours from (both) shops, and I also had my 5 year old in school the whole time, and I am playing single Dad right now. Which means that I had to drop her at daycare at 0530, get the days work done, then be back in town by 1700 (thats 5PM for the civilians) to pick her up and spend a little time with her.
I only missed that schedule once in the last two months, when my little Ranger truck finally blew the transmission out 50 miles from home.

But I got 'ER done! Now I just have to find everything we threw in the shop....

Sorry for the long post...just got back from a 400 mile trip for nothing...still wired up on caffeine...
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