alternator bracket

alternator bracket


Knoxville TN
Where can I buy an alternator bracket kit with all the spacers???? I have looked everywhere, I wouldnt think it would be that hard of a part to find:confused:
Yeah like that!! Does anyone have a picture of the alternator mounted on there 304?
Yeha if you could snap me a shot when you get home, what motor is that? Seems like my alt. was mounted much higher than that, but it is also a home made bracket that the PO made I guess.
Those are the stock mounts from my original 304 in my 72. Here are some better shots. Let me know if this helps or you need some more shots. I can pull the alternator in about a minute!
also has alt kits to bring your alt.up top like on gm there pretty cool.its also a great amc web site.
Thats where the ones Cj linked are from. :) Speed readig. It kills :laugh:
also has alt kits to bring your alt.up top like on gm there pretty cool.its also a great amc web site.
Nothing to be sorry about at all! :) :) I'm happy to see others suggesting Bulltear!
Yeah I was cruising around bulltear looks like a pretty cool site and their prices seem pretty reasonable. So the bracket on bulltear will be a direct bolt in? Lookin at your pics cj, man my old bracket that the PO made is rigged all to hell! I cant stand something rigged so I aint puttin it back on besides I dont remember how it was rigged lol! I guess ill go with the one off bulltear......
It says that it uses a stud that is mounted on the intake. It's not going to mount like a factory AMC bracket but should be bolt on...

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