AMC 20 Rotor question

AMC 20 Rotor question


Layton, Utah
1985 CJ7. LS1/TH350, ARB's front and rear, Warn full floating AMC 20 w/SSBC disk brakes, Ramsey 9000 winch, Custom Paint w/ghost flames
I have the AMC20 full floater/disk conversion. Looking for replacement rotors. Does it take a special rotor or a standard one. I just got this jeep and really know nothing about it.
Thanks in advance...
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Warn industries use to make an AMC20 full float convertion kit, that had disc brakes. You might contact them to see what rotor they used. Terea flex also made a convertion kit but I don't think it was full float. SSBC makes a kit and it is not a full float. If nothing else take a rotor to your auto parts store and see if they can measure and match.
Measure it and look up on Google to verify.

I run a Warn kit on a Dana 44 - 78 CJ rotor.

Forget the "take it to the parts store" - most can barely read around here :(

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