AMC 20 trouble

AMC 20 trouble


Phoenix, AZ
1984 CJ7, 258 CI, T5
I'm new to forum and to jeeps. Already have a problem with my AMC20. I bought a 84' CJ7 and found that it had a bent left rear axle. Bought the Alloy one piece kit to replace it. I followed instructions and added shims to reach the .020 to .060 spacing required. Did this to both sides. Went for a short drive (10 - 20 miles) and checked for heat at axle. Driver side not hot. Passenger side to hot to touch. Took it apart again and bearing was shot. Question is why were there no factory shims on passenger side? Would I ruin the bearing if it was to loose by a couple thousandths? Or was it just to tight? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
If the inner axle was bent and needed to be replaced it is likely the axle housing itself is also bent, you did say that the left was bent and now the right side bearing failed though correct?
I would determine the condition of the axle housing and verify that is true before proceeding.
To add to this, the last step of the installation has you check for smooth rotation with no binding-how was it?
Driving down the road, there is no more noticeable wobble from the drivers side. Still not sure if it was the axle itself that was bent or at the hub/axle connection. It wasn't really terrible, but watching the tire going round you could see that there was a issue. I had tire rebalanced and wheel checked. Yes, it was the right side bearing.
My guess would be that it was to tight.

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