amc 360/ automatic installation in a cj7

amc 360/ automatic installation in a cj7


1981 cj7
I have a good AMC 360 motor / auto-trans from a '77 Matador. The Matador was hit, while parked, in the rear.

I have an '86 CJ7 steel body with a blown 4-cylinder engine.

I understand the 360-motor swap is not a particular problem as far as bolting it in, but can the automatic transmission be usable with the transfer case? Or should I be attaching the engine to the standard jeep gearbox? In the latter case, do I need a conversion plate?

Or should I just put in the 360 engine/auto-trans assembly and forget about FWD?

Thank You,

Dieter Schmied
go to Novak Jeep Conversions - Home and read up on it.
the WB on the 7 makes it easier to use an auto without driveshaft angle problems, so you should be good there.
You will need a different radiator as I doubt the matador's will fit the 7, and the stock one won't cool a big V-8.
Exhaust will need re-worked, trans shifters, all that little stuff needs re-done.
Its not an easy drop-it-in-and-hook-it-up job, but its not that hard either. Good Luck!
Yep - Novak will have you covered on putting the transfercase on the auto.

The manual trans will work as long as you get the proper bellhousing. The biggest problem with the manual is that it's now going to be one of the weakest links now in your drivetrain. If you decide to go with the manual you would mostlikely be OK as long as you don't do any seriosly stupid off-roading.

Also, by putting in that 360 you are now stressing the heck out of those rear axles to, they are prone to stripping the flanges. Again, just treat it right and you probably will never see problems.

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