AMC V8 Serpentine Kit for a 304

AMC V8 Serpentine Kit for a 304


Shady Shores, TX
Hello - looking to see if any of you have done a AMC V8 serpentine kit upgrade and your thoughts? Did it help in any way or was for looks?

I want to "chrome out" my engine compartment and saw this and thought it looked cool just need to know if it works well.
Could you use the fan or did you need to install an electric fan?

Thanks in advance!
cj has a sweet set up. dont think he has it on yet though.
The only ones who make a serpentine system for the AMC V8 is Bulltear. I have one but have not installed it yet,


Since it drives the water pump (a necessary thing) you can use a normal fan.

As for does it 'help', many have been using the single belt system for driving accessories for many years... It's mostly for ascetics... :)
Yeah that is the one I plan to purchase but did not see anything on their website about a fan. Does it look like you can bolt the stock fan up or an aftermarket one? I do like the looks of it as well - looks tough!
You really need to call Bulltear - they need to know your balancer type, the power steering pump type, the alternator your running and the balancer on your V8...
I dunno all that lol :eek:
I will take it all apart and call them to let them know what is what. I want a new alternator that is chrome - need some bling lol
I would not go chrome unless you are talking about a trailer queen. Chrome holds the heat in, heat destroys the alternator. Go with polished if you want a driver that will shine.

Also when we convert to serpentine we will always use factory pulleys or we will build our own. Aluminum is a very soft metal, the belt will quickly work through the coating that you must apply to aluminum pulleys to make them live, after that it will destroy the pulley. The reason the manufactures us steel pulleys is because they will out last the warranty, its cheaper to use aluminum in pulleys so if it would last the manufactures would us it.

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