American Country

X2 there. U.S.A.
X3 - if we (american's - ALL race,creed and color) would stand together, keep jobs at home and quit bickering about who owes what to each other this country would rebound. It makes me sad to see us throw stuff away to other countries just to save a few cents. I dont mind spending and extra dollar to keep our country strong. We need to take care of our own first, then spread the wealth. We have to many living on the streets and off the government because we cant supply jobs.

Sorry, I have too stop before I fall off my soap box!
Good song. Good lyrics. Too true.
It is really funny as I know some of us are pretty conservative, I would love to share this with my liberal friends but don't have the energy to deal with the few who it is mostly intended to influence. But what the hell I gotta do it.:D
If it wasn't for greed. The gota have it now now now types.
If companies paid the worker decent pay instead of it share holders, maybe we would have enough money to spend on those extra items. Instead the few greedy bastards in charge get the cash and the middle class working man gets the shaft.
I'd atleast feel better if the SOB's robbed me in person and gave me a fighting chance.

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