Another carb ID.....

Another carb ID.....
1984 Jeep CJ-7
4 speed, 258ci.
Pretty much stock.
Bought from the OG owner 100k miles
32X11.50-15 BFG ATs.
1966 Vw Beetle "Cal look"(o\!/o)
1963 logoed panel VW
2004 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner DC (Daily Driver)
My carb says carter-weber USA. So is it a carter or weber? also what does carter BBD mean? Thanks MB

1984 258 I6
Its a Carter design and they manufacture it in the Weber factory so all your parts will be for a carter....wait til you buy an edelbrock its a carter design also built in the weber plant :D
what does carter BBD mean?
BBD stands for Ball & Ball Dual Throat.
Ball & Ball was an American manufacturer that was acquired by Carter and then by Weber.
Dual Throat means a two barrel carburetor.

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