Any helpful hints on installing CJ winshield gasket?

Any helpful hints on installing CJ winshield gasket?


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1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
I am installing a new windshield gasket finally tomorrow with the help of a glass guy. He does commercial business glass but said most seals are the same. Any helpful hints on installing it? I have heard to use dish soap to get the gasket on the glass and install a rope from the inside, hold it up against the window and lightly push/hold it into place while the other pulls the rope from the inside.

I had one done years ago by a auto glass guy and he was done in 15 minutes.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated as I will be cutting the old gasket out tonight and cleaning/prep and driving to his house first thing in the morning to install it.
You pretty much have it the only thing is the dish soap is to help it go into the frame not to get it on the glass and you want to start your rope on the bottem a few inchs from one of the corners. Then when you start pulling the rope go around the closest corner first about half way up the side than pull the other end of the rope across the bottem and around that corner up the side and around the top corner then go back to the other side and pull it the rest of the way up the side around the top corner and across the top to the other side. After you get the rubber lipped over you may need to slap the glass to get it seat in all of the way.
Yes, I remember the guy installing it years ago only used the soap on the frame side. Also, he started the rope in the middle on the bottom and overlapped the rope a couple of inches, pulled one side around the bottom corner and then the other corner and then around the top corners and then slapped it a few times and it was in. I believe the rope was 3/8" in size.

I hope I have as much luck doing it :D
A 1/4" rope works the best. And I always start over by the corner because it's easier and you have less of a chance of breaking it.
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Be careful when "slapping" it in with the palm of your hand, you can crack it. The glass man broke mine doing just that. He's gonna cut a 1/16th off and re-seat this Friday. Have fun.

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