Anyone ever use SEM Products bed liner?

Anyone ever use SEM Products bed liner?


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My buddy, that owns the autobody shop that painted my CJ, recommends them. He can get the kit for $130 and he is doing the work for nothing. I am just wondering if anyone has used this product before. I have searched but I haven't found any pictures of this product on user CJs. I want to do it because it is a YJ swap with a bit of surface rust on the floors, directly under where the mats are. There is no carpet and the PO used some kind of :dung: undercoat to do it in the past. Thanks for the feedback. :chug: I am just going to do basic black to match the rest of the CJ.

This is what it is going in. This is my project that began as a $1500 jeep in April when I bought it.


I am asking because I had never even heard of the company before and I didn't know much about bed liners. I did some searching here and most people went with other companies.

This is the kit I just picked up for $140. My buddy is going to do it in the next two days. I should of taken a before picture, but he seems to think that it is going to come out awesome.

SEM Products - Catalog - ROCK-IT LINER BLACK
They make good stuff. I have used their spray dyes before for interior work.
Thats a fantastic looking $1500 Jeep!
Yeah thats a hell of a jeep for $1500!
My jeep was almost $1500 lol its a freaken ship wreck.
Well I didn't get the Jeep like that for 1500, haha. This is what it started like. This is the picture emailed to me from the PO when I was thinking about buying it.


When I went to look at it the day I bought it.


Body work and new steel, for that rot on the side, a new paint job, new seats and covers, new tires, a tune up, proper fender flares, and a complete fluid change have brought me to where it is today. The liner should help complete the job so I can focus on a lift and 33s. I think I did pretty well on the Jeep considering the PO paid 4400 for it in Dec 2007 and only put a few thousand miles on it.
So the liner job began today. This is the little rust I was talking about. One of the POs used some form of liner before and it definitely needs some help. The rust will be taken care of and it should come out pretty well, I hope.







After the spray:




I will try to get better pictures later. I am at work and couldn't hang around to take good ones. It does look pretty good though. A lot better than rust, haha.

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