Arghhh please help me!!

Arghhh please help me!!


british columbia,canada
76 body,81 frame, bored & stroked 366ci, d44/M20, chromoly everything, 35`s d300 twin sticked with 4.1,np435 trans,locked front and rear on 35`s
So I started wiring my 76 CJ5 and I can't figure out what's going on! I have no spark and when I turn the key to start it, I get nothing, it's driving me nuts, It has a gold box that connects to the distributor and a 3 wire alternator, then starter to sylinoid, batt to other side, got my grounds on, I even tried taking jumper cables from the motor to the frame, jumping the starter sylinoid it turns over but won't start, I don't know what it is, I'm racking my mind over it cause I wanna go snow wheeling soon!! I have a schematic that I got off of here for the 75 wiring with a v8 and I followed it to a T,


Do you have power to the key switch?

Happen suddenly? After a rebuild?

You may have several things going on. Time to start tracing power in the wires.
No power to key, I swapped body's but kept the wiring from the 76, the other cj had horrible gremlins in the electrical system
Well I always start at the battery and then go to the key. If the key switch isn't powered, go from the key towards the battery. A meter or test light will work. When you get power to the key, things should start getting easier.

The key lets power get to the ignition system.

A bad ground? Test it. Test light from battery positive side to the frame, engine block etc.
I have the starter to the sylinoid, then batt positive to other side, blue ign wire to same side post as starter wire, but not on the same post as starter, then batt negative to the block, grounded, as well as the distributor ground to the block as well, then the green wire from the box to the negative side of the coil, then the red/white wire AND red/black wire to the positive side of the coil, and the red/black wire goes from positive side of coil to the fuse panel,I had to change the plug for the steering column as were using the colum from a 81 CJ5 but they are all the same wires, (I checked)
Power to the fuse panel?

Sounds like the wires are correct, but corrosion of the fused, broken wires or a wire not connected. Could be any. Power to the red/black when the key is on?

Since the key is in the column, put your test light to the ign fuse and ground. I didn't say it would quck.
Just looking at a wiring diagram I have I think I might not have the red wire from the fuse panel ( engine side) to the batt side of the solinoid that goes to my ign switch that powers back to my coil hence why I'm not getting spark,
k well i have power to my brakes now, lol i switched a wire around and now my brake lights are on, i think i need to adjust my new brake switch lol, but im getting somewhere now, im just letting the battery charger do its thing for a bit then im gonna go back out there with a test light and see what happens, wish me luck!!!

Well a little persistence pays off, took the older ignition out and put a duraspark ignition in, 15 min later we had it running, so everything worked out!!!
I'm going to bed!! It's 2am lol

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