Automatic shifter choices

Automatic shifter choices


Wellington, Ohio
1986 CJ7. Complete fiberglas body and panels. crate 350 Chevy. Automatic. Manual brakes at this point. Will post the rest when I learn all that it has.
I have a 1986 CJ7 that has been redone with all fiberglass body etc. It currently has a B&M ratchet shifter. it is an automatic by the way. The shifter doesn't shift very well and I would like to replace it. i have looked at the lokar shifters. Even though a little pricey they look like a good shifter. Any other thoughts or suggestions would be great. Just getting started with this jeep so am new to all of this. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
hurst is about the only other player in the shifter game. my b and m ratchet shifter sucks too. i had a b and m in my s 10 v8 and i loved it, but this ratchet shifter sucks
I like my B&M pro stick but but you have to mount it up higher than the floor.
I think the long handle lokar shifter would be good.

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