Ax15 Bleeding Problems

Ax15 Bleeding Problems


Central Wisconsin
1980 Jeep Cj5 Renegade
I258 1987 Engine
Aisin Warner Ax15 Transmission
Dana 300 Transfer Case
I recently installed a ax15 trans on a 258 in my 80 CJ5. I have been having problems bleeding it, I have bled it manually a couple times and purchased a pneumatic bleeder and ran that 3 or 4 times. Is there any tricks to bleeding this or is there something else going on? Do I just need to keep on going..?

It drives fine but shifting is rough. It is not real consistent but gets feedback when I put it in first, third and reverse. I drove the previous vehicle it was in before removal and it shifted perfectly.

Any advice is appreciated.
Also for more information, it is a 1990 ax15 with the internal hydraulic throwout bearing.
Is your reservoir staying full? make sure the internal slave isnt leaking. If everything is good, it is probably just a stubborn air bubble. When I do work on my hydro clutch, sometimes I cant get all the air out and it eventually works it's way up to the reservoir.

Try putting the Jeep at a fairly steep incline and bleed it again. might work.
It doesn't seem to be leaking, the resevoir is staying the same. I will have to do that, thanks.

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