Axle swap

Axle swap


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I am thinking of upgrading my AMC20, I've got a Ford 8.8 sitting in my shop that I had under my 89XJ (Cherokee) and am wondering if the width's would be the same as my 86CJ7. I believe the CJ is a widetrac.
I was kinda hoping either;
A)someone else had done something like this
B)someone knew a tech page with the axle measurements

Where do I measure from to find out whether the axles from a XJ will fit up with the axles of a CJ7 Widetrack?
Wheel backing plate to backinging plate. That will give your overall length . Your measurement to one axle will give your offset.
Actually....WMS (wheel mounting surface) to WMS is the correct measuring points. ;)
so from the outside of each hub?

Generally you want wms to wms.. Wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface. You need to measure from where the rim makes contact with the drum. Another issue you may have is your xj is 5x4.5 bolt pattern and the CJ will be 5x5.5.
I'll have to address the bolt pattern for sure. I'm just wondering as I've already got the 8.8 sitting there and it's geared, locked and trussed so It would be pretty sweet if I could do it, not to mention cheaper than having to do it all over again for the CJ.
As Jimbos76cj already mentioned the ford 8.8 would have a 5-4.5 bolt pattern. It is also a little narrower (5/8 inch per side) Get wheel adapters and that should cure both issues.

BTW, I got that information in the September issue of JP Magazine. They have an excellent article on axle swaps. They cover all kinds of axles. I am going to save that issue for reference.
Thanx much for the info. I'll have to grab a copy of JP, usually don't miss a month of it. Great for reading while sitting on the throne and dreaming.
actually the 8.8 is 5/8 more narrow on each side on the narrow track,so as your jeep is an 86 and a wide track,it would also need 5/8 wheels adapters but it would be considerablly more narrow than your front axle
So what did this Ford 8.8 come out of? A Ford Ranger or an Explorer?
JimyB your wide track axles are 56 inches. You will have to measure the width of the 8.8 but I think you measure up close enough to use it with wheel adapters.
Check out this link for specs on the ford 8.8: The Ford Explorer 8.8-Inch Rear Axles
So what did this Ford 8.8 come out of?

It came out of an exploder. Thanx for the link, I'll check it out right away. Hmmm it says the 8.8 is 59 1/2" from mounting surface to mounting surface. 1 3/4" per side. Looks like I'll have to look at either the 2 piece axle upgrade kit or something else. I eventually want to upgrade the motor to either a 304 or maybe even a 360 and lock whatever I have in the rear so I need to either strengthen the AMC20 or replace it before I blow it. If I put one piece axles in it I'll have to truss up the axle tubes as well won't I? I've read that they flex pretty good and end up breaking. I've also read that the Dana 44 isn't much stronger. Arg, I could go with the narrow track but that opens up other issues I think. Going to have to spend the winter reading and searching. What is everyone else running and how is it holding out?
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I run the AMC20 behind an AMC 401. I have Moser one piece axles, 4.56 gears and an ARB locker. And I did truss and weld the tubes. Works good for me.

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