Backup light switch location on a believed dana 20 w/ Turbo 400 Hydramatic Automatic

Backup light switch location on a believed dana 20 w/ Turbo 400 Hydramatic Automatic


Old Time Jeeper
1976 CJ7 Jeep with a engine/tranny/wiring harness out of a 1988 s10 blazer 4.3l v6 with th700r4 automatic tranny and a cj7 Dana 300 transfer case with Novak adapter.
Complete wiring harness from the s10 blazer. Painted with HOT PINK Pearl paint with standard sized metallic halographic pink flakes. Painted by me -a newb. New rear, front and side three wire LED lights, New parts, new custom dash-by me And a lot of guidance from fellow jeepers and lots of prayers etc.... :p
Hi again.

First I'd like to thank all of you for your help on the ignition switch issue.. And now I have another question...

I'm installing a ez wiring harness... Only issue is its not so easy.. :mad:

The diagrams they sent me don't match to my vehicle very well--- mostly the dash area..
I have the tail light section, headlight section and MOST of the engine bay finished but am having difficulty in finding where everything goes in the dash area..
I also don't know where the back up light power and secondary wire goes... (The jeep was originally a 3-speed manual-- but a PO switched in a TH40 Turbo Hydramatic automatic tranny.)
I Think the T-case is original dana/AMC20 but according to my 1976 Jeep Technical manual (May) be from a cherokee or jeep truck... :eek:

My question (after a long winded explanation--sorry):rolleyes:
Where would the back up switch be? (I have the FLOOR shifter, so I doubt it would have been on the column, especially since I didn't see it when I ripped out the column..:p --The po installed a dash ignition switch and I want to put back in the column...

Anyways, Would anyone know where the back up light switch should be?

I have many other questions about my poor "franky" (Frankenstein's monster jeep.) -- He may get a new name after he's fixed up..
Thanks for your reply. :)

Now I just need to know where to find a complete steering column and where the wires go onto the tranny... (Since the po installed a floor shift automatic. The jeep was originally a 3 speed manual)
Still can't find.
I am trying to figure out how to upload pics... Which may help the veteran jeepers to identify the issues at hand.

Thanks again for your reply. :)

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