bad bearing

bad bearing


prosperity sc
i have a bad rear wheel bearing on my cj 7. was thinking of an 1 piece upgrade. is the cheep 1 piece upgrade at morris a good choice. i will not be doing any rock crawling or mud boggging. i have a gift certificate at morris 4x4. this is the AMC20
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Even the "cheep" one piece axle is a big upgrade from the 2 piece axle kit. Is this what you are talking about:
Superior AMC-20 One Piece Rear Axle Kit*EV20E by the Jeep Specialists at Morris 4x4 Center

It is made my Superior Axle. An excellent product.
If you are going to replace the axle bearing now is the time to install one piece axles. Even if you don't do any hard off-roading you can still spin the shaft in the hub. The best upgrade you can do to your CJ.
Sure is. Listen to Dave. If you can hold out and save a couple bucks up go with Superior or another name brand axle but the part # you posted is fine.
Even the "cheep" one piece axle is a big upgrade from the 2 piece axle kit.

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