Barking Dog System?

Barking Dog System?


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Well, you all know the shop I have been using. There was an attempted break in at the shop the night before. They took a piece of wood off of a secondary building and tried to gain entry but all they did was get into an empty area.

He didn't have an alarm but the place is wired, so we are going to get it working this weekend. That will be good but alarms only work after someone has attempted a break in or actually broken in.

I have heard the barking dog systems and they really sound realistic. Just wondering if anyone has ever really used one?

I have never heard of them. My aunt has a real barking dog system, german shepard. That didn't stop the poeple trying to beak into their house.
If they want in bad enough they will find a way.
But it may be a good deterent for the unexperienced theives.
I can normally tell the difference between a real and a fake dog bark. But maybe there is some I haven't heard.
the best defense is a good offense. Bars on the windows, solid steel doors, ect. Make it visually very hard to get in, and it will deter most thieves enough to find an easier target.
Wire window and door magnetic sensors to one of those electric airhorns, if that doesn't alert the neighbors it'll scare the hide off the thieves.

Or do like my buddy find a really bad dog at the local pound and use him as a watch dog.
Thanks for the feedback.

A real dog is out of the question... Sometimes days and days go by before the shop is ever visited.

The place is protected by all steel doors and steel bars on the windows.

I was wrong about the alarm. It actually has a fully functional system - kinda... :) The PO had a service with ADT and he (new owner) doesn't know what the codes are. He got tired of the beeping from the key pad and disconnected it. After calling ADT, they said they owned the system and they wouldn't help him unless he signed up for a monitoring service. That didn't go over well... :)

I - being the inquisitive guy I am decided to see what I could figure out about the system.. I found out via the WEB that once installed - if you don't know the installer codes you are basically SOL. There isn't any way to use the system without paying to have the system reset back up or start a monitoring service again or send the alarm pad out to be unloacked.

Well, after drilling out the lock to the alarm cabinet I was pleasantly surprised to find that the installer was kind enough to write down the code! And, the system even has a cellphone backup!

I have downloaded all the manuals and guides from the net and tomorrow I'm going to recode the system...

Thnaks again!

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