Bedliner application

Bedliner application


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1971 dodge dart built 318
My tub is already lined. I want to freshen it up, it's flat and just worn. I bought spray Berliner by DuPont. Should I just wipe it down with simple green and spray it?
I would at minimum scuff it really good with scotch brite pads, then clean any oil residue off of it it with lacquer cleaner. your prep work is 90% of the application. You want it to stick :chug: Did the spray stuff not have any instructions?
Yeah, scuff it, but does simple green leave a residue? I would rinse but cannot get out of garage
You should wipe it down with a wax and grease remover it works the best.
I saw a paint prep, but thought just mild degreasing would suffice. I'll buy some prep. I just wanted someone to say "yeah, simple green and spray it on"

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