best clutch?

best clutch?


79 cj with a 258 mated to t150
Looking for the best clutch on the market that is heavy duty and pocket friendly.
I'm happy with my Center Force clutch.
I agree, check out Centerforce. What kind of engine and drivetrain do you have? Please fill out your profile so we know what we are dealing with. Since I don't know I will cover the options.

They make several clutches. Three of which would work good in a CJ:

Certerforce I - Although considered an OEM replacement this clutch is more stout and has better holding power than what the factory put in.

Centerforce II - This is a heavy duty clutch and will stand up to many years of abuse. Centerforce says this clutch is "ideal for off-road and towing applications"

Centerforce DualFriction - Although I would not recommend this for your jeep I am going to mention it anyway. This is an extreme duty clutch that is popular with the hot rod groups. It can hold up to a high performance engine or extreme off-roading where you would be worried about burning up a lesser clutch.

Without knowing more I would say Centerforce II. A good compromise. That DualFriction is probably too much.
Check out this link: Centerforce Clutches
X3 I have a Centerforce Gold clutch (II) and have had it for years it works great, I also have had the dual friction which was awesome:chug: but it is not off road friendly
Never had an issue using Luk clutches. They don't have the clamping force of a Centerforce, but you don't need it either.
I have a ceramic composit on my jeep got from local brake and clutch shop , I also use a 3 finger pressure plate . I had a diaphram one before and going through mud and water fill the fingers up and slipping clutch happens

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