Best reference/repair guide?

Best reference/repair guide?


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Hi guys. Does anyone have an opinion on the best book to buy to help me around my '79 CJ5? Chilton, Haynes, or anything else?

I'm not a mechanic but can do EASY things. My Jeep is pretty much complete but I need help with detail things like:

Where to connect a hood light and under dash courtesy lights?
Where to wire up the washer motor?
Is my washer hose supposed to have a "T" and where does the other line need to go?

I'm sure these are easy to enthusiasts but I don't have anything to go on.

All opinions welcomed and appreciated. Thanks. :chug:
I have a factory service manual and a Haynes Guide for my '79

I don't think my washer hose has a "T"

You have a hood light and courtesy lights! wow can't help you there I will check the wiring diagram when I get home

I found a lonely plug by the firewall that my washer plugged in to then I ran a ground wire to the frame.

Hope this helps a bit
IMHO - FSM (Factory Shop Manual) all the way, well worth the extra expense.
every book that illustrates or discusses the details of your specific Jeep.
There are very slight things that differ or don't over lap. FSM, Chilton's, and Haynes are the top of the list. Also be aware of the web page. very good diagrams and schematics. And once again I have found things in the AZ site that were not in the FSM.
If you don't have a FSM is should be because it has not yet arrived in the mail.:cool:
Thanks guys. Great info and much appreciated. :notworthy:
When I need a physical service manual, I call Helms. They supply most of the factory manuals. It is the exact same information that is on my AllData.
Hit ebay and find the FSM on CD, then you can print up the pages you need and no worries of it ever getting greasy just toss the pages when done. That's the place I got mine.

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