Best top super top removal

Best top super top removal

1984 CJ7

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1984 CJ-7, 258 (rebuilt), 5 speed (rebuilt), softtop, Goodyear DuraTrac's
So, I fell stupid to have to ask this question but this is my first Jeep and this top has got me frustrated. I cant seem to figure out how to remove the dang thing. i found the installation instructions and I think I need to release the tension but can't find were to do so.
On my Best Top, the hoop mounted on the tub right behind the front seats slides up and down to tension the top. If you lift up on it a little, you can fold the lock out and slide the frame down. The lock fits in different holes for height adjustment. Once you have slack you can undo the sides from the tub rail, then the windshield rail.
ok, thanks! So, once the tention is released you can then undo the windsheild and that is pretty much it then right? Is there one adjustment on the right and left sides right?

Yup one on each side. You'll pull them up slightly and the tab should come out. That will release the tension. Take your windows out and you can fold it back or remove it completely

Sweet!! Thanks!

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