Blazer upgrade - lessons learned and question about fuse value

Blazer upgrade - lessons learned and question about fuse value

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I just did the blazer upgrade and replaced the heater core in my jeep. Great googly moogly does that thing move some hot air! There are a lot of good guides on the heater upgrade and the only thing I'd change about them is this: They all say to use a 3 1/2" hole saw. I did and for the chuck + the saw it was $29 and change at both lowes and home depot (might have been cheaper at harbor freight but I'd have to drive across town for a maybe). After cutting the hole I still had to de-bur it with a dremel. After all that work I figure I probably could have done as clean a job with the dremel and a cutoff wheel.

The problem I'm having now is that the fuse is blowing on the FAN MTR fuse after a few minutes running the heater. The fuse value is only 10 and most of the things I've read online say it should be 20 or 25. Can anyone confirm what it should be and if it's different for the old and new fan motor? I'm pretty sure it's not 10 but I wanted to confirm with someone for sure before setting a fire in my jeep.
The wire is 14 Ga. and is good for 40A DC. I would put an amp meter in line with the fan and see how much it actually draws. I would say you are right, for the most part and go with the 20 amp fuse. If it blows that I would be looking for actual amp draw.:cool:
I show it should be a 25.
Awesome, I'll try the 25. Hope that's it!

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