Blew 304 in our CJ7

Blew 304 in our CJ7


Fredericksburg, VA
1979 Jeep CJ7 Renegade AMC304
Help!!!! We just blew our engine last week and are now at a crossroad. We want to keep this as amc as possible (no sbc/sbf swap) but have not been able to find a 304 or 360 in our area. We live in fredericksburg VA and are now trying to decide whether to rebuild or swap chevy as much as I don't want was a daily driver but lost oil pressure and blew rod thru oilpan :(. The swap will run over 1k since its got the amc th400 and needs more adapters than I can count.

Soooo attemp to rebuild or keep searching for 360/304. Or bite the bullet and start swap?

Since this its one of our daily drivers time is top on list.we are lucky enough too have a spare car for now but don't know for how long.

Thank s to every one who helps, extra thanks if anyone knows where I can pick up a running amc'er
Have you tried the local Advance Auto or Auto Zones? I know Advance has decent prices on new and used motors with very good warranties as well.
Napa has them.
304s aren't too common anymore but there are always plenty of junk grandwagoneers around with running 360s in 'The Valley Trader' and craigslist.....well unless you need one.The day after you dont need one they will fall out of the trees.Go to the forum for the fullsize jeep guys,,and look in their classified section.There are a good number of virginia guys there.
possible last resort could be a straight 6 swap if you could come up with one. would be a little less power than the 304 but they last forever and would be good option for a dd.
go with the V8 AMC, will put you back on the road the soonest.:cool:
there is a 304 on the winchester,va craigslist for $400.

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