Body Mount Bushing

Body Mount Bushing


El Paso
1984 Cj-7, rebuilt 258i, Carb-Motorcraft 2150, TFI ignition, T-176, Dana 300, dana 30 in front, Rear Dana 44, 4in lift, 33in tires, 4:10 gears
So as you can tell theres a slight lean to my CJ, my first thought was maybe its the frame and has been tweaked, i took it to get looked at. Then this guy first points out my leaf springs, but i told him i already had this problem before i switched out the suspension. Any ways he points out the bushings, so my question is that seem to be the problem. And if it is, is it okay to just buy the bushings and not the bolts? or would i have to take them off to actually see if the bolts are okay. In that one picture, looks like id have to get a sheet welded where that hole is. Thanks :)
and another pic ha
I would say you could use the bushings but your frame is a bit twisted, or so it would seem in the pictures.
Looks a bit like mine with the 'gangsta lean' lol. Sweet paint though, looks great
you need to buy a body mount kit, it should come with new bolts.
And yes you will need to do some body work in that area also.
thanks peep, lol thats how i felt when i tried putting a hard top on her and it looked like it had on a tilted baseball cap :confused: Another reason maybe that hard top didn't fit the person who just gave it to me, said it had things resting on top of it, so it probably warped it, in the sense that its spread out more on the sides (so it looks wider). Im sure thats playing a part in as well. Question??? :: even with it looking tweaked like that, could i get a soft top on?? :: Another question for Old Dog :: How much are these kits your talking about cause i have looked online in different websites and theres different prices, from 60 to 100 to about 200 dollars whats the difference, how much should i look to spend, and is getting the bolts and bushings the better way to rather than just gettin the bushings? I'd like to get a hard top to fit, but if i can't i would go with a soft top as long as it will fit on properly.
i think since ill be doing that, id want to do a 1 inch body lift, or is that how it comes stock?
Although I can't find the link at the moment, Quadratech was selling a poly body bushing set that incorporated a 1" body lift into the design. That to me seems like the best way to go for you.
I guess you'd have to call them to see if its still available.
whats with the price ranges, some better than others, is it just the name? i was looking at both sky jackers as theres a 20 dollar difference, why is that?
I kinda like these. they have a good name and are a couple bucks cheaper.
1" Body Lift, Daystar*DAY-KJ04502BK by the Jeep Specialists | Morris 4x4 Center looks like everything you would need.
This is just an opinion as I don't have this kit.

Not to hi-jack this thread but I was looking very hard at this very same body lift (Daystar). Any reason I should be wary of even just a 1" body lift? I realize there can be many issues rising from larger body lifts (2" or more) but it seems that just one inch would raise anything up to the point of creating significant issues. Am I correct in thinking this? I'm just looking for a bit of extra clearance for 33's over my 3" suspension lift.
Just bumping this one back to the top as I would like to know what kit you decided on or if there are issues we should be concerned with a 1-2" body lift.

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