Body Seams

Body Seams

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I have read several threads on here where guys sealed the body seams when they had their jeep stripped down. Where exactly are the body seam points, I haven't heard that mentioned. Or the common areas you would seal? Trying to gain knowledge, thanks in advance.
If you were the one to strip it down you would see the factory locations.
If not then basically any seam or metal joint wants to be sealed to prevent moisture from collecting in and rusting. The factory does not seal every joint and where they did was very sloppy, I thought I would do a more complete and cleaner job on mine but found it not so easy to do cleanly. Point is to make joints water tight and prevent rust.
I plan on doing mine myself Sasquatch, I figure it will be obvious if its like you say. I just had no idea where the factory joints are at this time. Be figuring that out soon enough then I'm sure.
pretty much any place where 2 peices of metal are welded together I would consider a seam. i did mine around the plates under the doors where the floor plans meet the side ofthe body, and over top of the tub. Like stated earlier.. if it looks like water might get between 2 panels and start to rust I would seal it. Make sure you get some good seam sealer. Not use caulk. Napa sells seam sealer in a caulking type tube that works great.
Sounds good. I'm setting up my shop now. Tear down and rebuild starting in spring.

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