Body to Frame Rust

Body to Frame Rust


Boston, MA
1984 Jeep CJ-7 6cyl 5spd
Ok guys... just got my CJ7 home, but had to strap the drivers door closed (which was fun in the 23º weather). I looked under the body and found the 3" body lift puck depressed through the front bulkhead toeboard support. It's causing the door hinges to point down instead of straight back. I'm going to baby this body until after med school when I have a garage to re-tub her. So, my plan is to order the replacement parts online and weld them in. Actually, I was going to have my friend weld them in. But, I was wondering - when welding those body panels, what kind of welder would you use? What's the difference between the types?

Do you guys think it'd help to just take the 3" lift off? There's no way to secure either front toeboard to the frame... would that be safe enough till the parts come in the mail?

I just want to get my door closed!

I'm sure I'll have more questions later... Thanks!
Mig welder is what most guys use, Lincoln,Miller,Hobart are three of the most popular. I have the Hobart handler 125,if I could do it again I would have insisted on finding the Handler 140 so I could have the higher ampreage to weld thicker metal :chug: Taking the body lift off wont help you need to support the weight of the body at that body mount

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